A Midnight Eclipse

On the night of Tuesday 8 November, we will see a total lunar eclipse in the skies above New Zealand. The full moon will drift deep into the path of Earth’s shadow causing the bright lunar surface to progressively darken and change to a dark red-orange colour.  The eclipse ends in the early hours of …

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The Great Conjunction

21 December 2020 marks the Summer Solstice or “longest day” here in New Zealand.  This year, it will also be the date of a Great Conjunction featuring our solar system’s two largest planets, the gas giants Jupiter and Saturn.  A conjunction is the term used to describe an event where two or more celestial bodies …

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Photographing the Moon

As I write this, it’s 50 years to the day since a giant Saturn V rocket rumbled off the launchpad to begin the “successful failure” that was the Apollo 13 mission. Amidst a global pandemic at the present time, most of our thoughts are much closer to home and right now we find more in …

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