Frequently Asked Questions

A limited edition print is a photograph that has a particularly special connection for Mike.  It might be a particular feeling or emotion triggered by the scene or it might be the story behind how that photograph came to be made. 

Unlike an open edition where an unlimited number of prints of an image could be made, a Mike White Photography limited edition will only be printed up to a specified quantity.  Once each of those prints has been sold, the photograph is no longer available to purchase as a print.  As the owner of a limited edition print, you know that you have a very special piece of artwork and that it won't be available indefinitely.  In a world of mass production, you're able to appreciate and enjoy something that only a select group of others will share.

The short answer is "Yes".  I reserve the right to reproduce an image that has been sold, or is available, as a limited edition print.  The image may be used: on my website, social media, or for products like calendars, books, greeting cards, postcards and other items of a similar nature.  Limited edition images might also be submitted in photographic competitions that I enter.  However, what I do guarantee is that once sold out, you will no longer be able to purchase that same image as a photographic print.

  • Limited Edition prints will typically be offered in one size: 12" x 18".  This print size displays beautifully in an 18" x 24" frame which as a standard frame size gives you a range of options when it comes to framing your print.
  • Open Edition prints are typically offered at 5" x 7", 8" x 12" or 12" x 18".
  • Where the final image does not fit a 3:2 aspect ratio, the available print size(s) will be listed on the individual product page. 
  • If you require a particular size, please ask and I can provide a custom quote for you.

Great care is taken in handling your print.  Larger prints will be rolled between layers of protective tissue before being carefully placed into an extra-thick protective postal tube.  Smaller items, such as 5"x7" and 8"x12" prints and stationery items will be shipped flat.  All orders will be shipped using a tracked parcel or courier service.  Free shipping is provided for orders above $99.


I take great care in packaging your print and guarantee your print will arrive in perfect condition.  Please contact Mike White Photography within 48 hours of receipt of your print to report any damage.  You may be asked to return the damaged print or you may be required to provide photographic proof that the damaged print has been destroyed.  A replacement print will be issued.  

  • It is recommended that your print be framed as soon as possible or transferred to archival-quality storage.
  • It is recommended that you hang your photograph in a space that is not affected by direct sunlight. Direct sunlight or other sources of strong UV light are likely to cause damage to your print over time.
  • Avoid hanging your photograph over a heater as the variations in temperature can cause damage to the frame and possibly your print as well.
  • Do not place your print in an environment subject to extreme temperature or humidity.
  • Your framed print can be kept free of dust using a soft, dry cloth. If necessary, use a light cleaning product on the cloth.  Do not spray any cleaning product directly onto the glass or frame. 
  • If it is ever necessary to remove dust from the print itself, use a soft brush or cloth. Cleaning products, water or the use of sharp objects can damage the surface of your print.
  • It is recommended that you request your framer use conservation-grade materials when mounting and framing your print.

I usually only offer framed photographs at art shows and exhibitions.  Shipping  framed work is much riskier and therefore is not something I offer as a standard service.    I personally prefer a simple black or white frame but the choose of course is yours and I recommend consulting your local picture framer for advice on selecting a frame.

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