Terms and Conditions

  1. You must be 18 years or older to attend a workshop unless you attend with a guardian.
  2. Payment of the workshop fee means you have read, understood and agree to all the terms and conditions outlined in this document.
  3. Deposit
    • A non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your place on any Mike White Photography workshop. You are also welcome to pay in full at the time of booking.  Any remaining balance must be paid no less than 28 days prior to the commencement of the workshop. If the remaining balance is not paid in full at this time, both your place and deposit will be forfeit.
  4. Cancellation By You:
    • More than 28 days prior to commencement of workshop:
      • You may be eligible for a refund (less the $500 non-refundable deposit.)
      • Within 28 days but not less than 14 days of commencement of workshop:
      • You may be eligible for a refund (less the $500 non-refundable deposit) provided your space can be filled. If your space cannot be filled, you may receive a refund of up to 50% of the workshop fee.
    • Within 14 days of commencement of workshop:
      • You may be eligible for a refund (less the $500 non-refundable deposit) provided your space can be filled. If your space cannot be filled, you will not receive any refund.
    • The administration fee covers expenses incurred by Mike White Photography including, but not limited to: marketing costs incurred in advertising vacancies, administrative time to process your request.
    • You are strongly encouraged to take out travel insurance to cover any amounts not able to be refunded to you due to the above cancellation policy.
  5. Cancellation By Us:
    • We reserve the right to cancel a workshop due to unforeseen circumstances. Such cirumstances may include: severe weather warnings or events, a natural disaster, travel mandates issued by the NZ Government, a personal health or family emergency. If the trip is cancelled, you will be given the option to transfer your booking to the next available date. If you are unable to attend on the alternative dates, a full refund will be made.
    • In general, the workshop will not be cancelled due to weather forecasts unless your workshop instructor deems it is unsafe to continue to the workshop.
    • Workshops require a minimum number of people to proceed. If there are not enough participants booked 28 days prior to commencement of the workshop, a full refund will be provided, or you will be given the option to transfer your booking to the next available date. If you are unable to attend on the alternative dates, a full refund will be made.
    • In the unlikely event that a workshop must be terminated early due to unforeseen circumstances then a pro-rata refund will be offered after consideration of the circumstances, expenses utilised or recoverable and how much of the workshop programme was completed.
  6. Travel Insurance
    • We strongly recommend that you obtain travel insurance cover for this workshop. You are responsible for ensuring this policy provides adequate cover for unforeseen circumstances that may arise and prevent you from attending or completing the workshop such as: travel delays, workshop cancellation by us, natural disaster, medical directives (eg Covid), transport strikes or medical emergencies.  We also strongly recommend that you have adequate insurance for the loss of, or damage to, your equipment.
  7. Loan Equipment
    • During the workshop, you may have access to various items of equipment to use. While all equipment is insured, you will be responsible for paying the excess payable on any claim for on any equipment that is damaged, lost or stolen while it is in your possession.
  8. Weather
    • We reserve the right to make any changes to the workshop programme as a result of the weather. As an outdoor activity, we have no control over the weather conditions on location. The safety of the whole group is our priority and will guide all decision-making.
    • Forecasting weather in New Zealand is a real challenge due to our topography and isolation in between two oceans. Although Astrophotography is dependant on the weather, periods of clear skies can appear even when not forecast.  If the weather does limit shooting, we will provide an alternative programme including additional tutorials and post-processing sessions.  We may even schedule some daytime landscape shoots if the weather is suitable allowing you to experience the Mackenzie landscape and take note of locations you’d like to return to.  Your best chance to enjoy the workshop is to come with an open mind to the possibilities and enjoy the experience as a whole.  Forget the pre-conceived images you might have in mind.
    • In the event a workshop is disrupted due to severe weather or a natural disaster, and we can no longer access a location, or we are unable to safely leave a location, or we are required to evacuate to an unplanned location, Mike White Photography will make alternative arrangements on behalf of the group to the best of their ability. Any additional costs incurred as a result will be invoiced to the group as a whole with each member of the group responsible for paying their share.
  9. Health & Safety
    • You acknowledge that in providing this workshop programme, Mike White Photography cannot guarantee personal safety or eliminate all risks.
    • All participants are required to act in a way that is considerate of their own safety and that of others. You accept responsibility for your own safety for the duration of the workshop.
    • Mike White Photography will not be held liable for any accidents or damage to your person or equipment, or damage to the natural environment that is caused by you.
    • Before attending a workshop you are required to provide emergency contact information and disclose relevant medical history to Mike White Photography. You shall generally be physically fit and capable of participating in workshop activities without causing harm to yourself or others.  You must not attend a workshop against the advice of a qualified health professional.  Any personal details provided including contact information and medical history will be treated confidentially by the workshop instructor. 
    • You will be briefed on the following at the start of the workshop:
      • Known risks or hazards (including terrain, weather, wildlife etc); and
      • Locations of first aid kits and emergency equipment; and
      • Group members with first aid qualifications; and
      • Reminder to always be mindful of both personal and group safety; and
      • Communicate any additional hazard or risk to the instructor that you become aware of during the workshop; and
      • Any medical history information disclosed by You will only be used in an emergency.
    • Emergency contact information will only be used to find information that is needed for Your treatment should you be unable to provide that information or to inform next of kin of an incident and your condition.
    • When on location, if you wish to photograph away from the group, you are required to discuss your intentions and estimated time of return to an agreed meeting point with the workshop instructor.
    • You are responsible for having access to clothing and personal equipment appropriate to the location and conditions at all times. A generic clothing and equipment list will be made available for your reference.  You must carry any personal medications that would ordinarily be required as well as any medications that might be appropriate for specific locations (e.g. for wasp stings if allergic and going for a walk in a location where access to medical services isn’t readily available.)
    • A reasonable level of physical fitness is necessary to participate in and enjoy the workshop. Most locations will involve walking short distances (up to 20 mins) along formed tracks.  You must be able to carry your own equipment to and from the vehicle.  You should be prepared to spend long periods of time (at least 2-3 hours) in cold, dark conditions.  Any concerns you have about your health, including any relevant pre-existing medical conditions, will need to be disclosed to your instructor.
    • Participants should be prepared for walking on uneven ground with loose stones. Snow and/or ice may also be present on formed tracks.
    • You shall not attempt tracks or routes where you are either not fit enough nor well enough to complete the journey without assistance.
  10. Dietary Requirements
    • It is your responsibility to notify us of any dietary requirements at the time of booking. Please inform us at the earliest opportunity if provided catering does not meet your needs.
  11. Appropriate Behaviour
    • By booking a place on this workshop, you agree to act appropriately for the duration of the workshop. Any behaviour that disrupts the workshop or impacts on the other participants will not be tolerated. In the event a participant is asked to leave during the workshop, no refund will be given.
  12. Social Media Promotion
    • By attending this workshop, you agree to be filmed or photographed for use in future workshop promotion activities on any social media channel.
  13. Liability Waiver
    • You will be required to sign a form at the beginning of the workshop accepting the risks that are inherent in outdoor photography and releasing Mike White Photography from liability for:
      • Unforeseen circumstances that may affect the workshop including, but not limited to, travel delays, severe weather and natural disasters
      • Personal injury, illness or death
      • Damage to your equipment
  14. Privacy
    • For the purposes of registering and attending this workshop, certain personal data will be held on file by Mike White Photography. This data will only be used to make informed decisions relating to the undertaking of the workshop activities and your participation and satisfaction and will not be used for any other purpose or disclosed to any third party.
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